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People are awesome!

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Yes people are indeed awesome, and this video only proves the statement. A compilation with some of the most extreme and dangerous (!) mountain biking we’ve ever seen.

First of all we urge you to NEVER try this at home or while on your own riding your bike somewhere in the Highlands. These stunt and rides are performed by professionals with years of experience. Trying to imitate them would probably just result in some broken bones for you.

Enough with the warnings, let’s talk a bit about extreme sports. Why would people put themselves in danger like this? Many of us are casual bikers and while we do understand the thrill of going downhill at high speeds, most of us wouldn’t push their limits this far. According to some of the bikers in the video: ‘it’s all about pushing your limits and taking things as far as they can possibly go’

We’re glad to see some amazing bikers out there showing their skills and passion in such an amazing way, keeps us motivated to try even harder next time!