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Open Trails and Open Senses

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Open Trails

Malaysia is one of the world’s premier destinations for biking enthusiasts, offering trails that have no rival. From the invigorating landscape to the quaint passages through the towns filled with character and culture, there is no better opportunity for cyclers to expand their boundaries. The trails that extend through this area of Southeast Asia can take riders through a variety of the country’s natural ecosystems, secluded areas of the countryside, or bustling towns. Trails in this part of the world offer rides that can take you cross-country or along shorter ventures that move past landmarks that are renown in the region.

Trails of Exceeding Variety

One popular ride through local residencies and businesses can be explored by hitting the Saujana Trail. This long-distance trip takes you across a huge palm oil estate where you can explore the processes used to procure one the country’s leading exports. For a ride that goes much further off of the beaten path, bikers can set their sights on the Plentong Trail. This track moves across creeks and explores the untouched wilderness in some of the most popular biking trails in the region. This ride is a bit more challenging but is divided into three distinct stages that total over 54 km in length.

With a Guide at Your Side

Guided biking tours are also extremely popular in this region as well. One of the leading organizations to open eyes to the biking potential of Malaysia is WithLocals. Bikers from around the globe make their way to this area of Asia in order to take advantage of the Penang Cruise Excursion Package. This ride takes visitors along routes that pass through several different townships over a four-hour period. While engaged on the journey, riders will have unique experiences with local culture and the surrounding natural beauty. These exquisite experiences include stops at preserved heritage sites, exposure to the crafts and arts that have dated back through the region’s history, and local cuisine that is prepared according to long-standing tradition. The areas of interest for riders include stops in Georgetown. The guides are knowledgeable when it comes of the history of the region, providing insights into what makes this area completely unique in the country.

Cycling in and around Penang

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