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Open Trails and Open Senses

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Open Trails

Malaysia is one of the world’s premier destinations for biking enthusiasts, offering trails that have no rival. From the invigorating landscape to the quaint passages through the towns filled with character and culture, there is no better opportunity for cyclers to expand their boundaries. The trails that extend through this[...]

Top 10 trails in the USA ?

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Even though we all know that Scotland is the place to be when it comes down to mountain biking, we’re always open for new suggestions. This time we’ll take a look at some of the best mountain biking destinations in the USA. Made by x1sportsinsurance, the infographic below will take[...]

People are awesome!

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Yes people are indeed awesome, and this video only proves the statement. A compilation with some of the most extreme and dangerous (!) mountain biking we’ve ever seen. First of all we urge you to NEVER try this at home or while on your own riding your bike somewhere in[...]

“A Way Back Home”

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Who said that Scotland is no place for mountain biking? Well, we doubt anybody ever said that, but this video just proves that Scotland is one of the most beautiful places to go out and start biking. Professional mountain biker and trail cyclist Danny MacAskill was born in Scotland on[...]

Developing mountain biking in Scotland

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We’re glad to see that there are many people out there who have also discovered the beauty that is Scotland. While searching for some cool biking trails in the Highlands we came across a cool website. Dmbins is one of the leading resource hubs when it comes down to mountain[...]